Serving the Community from our Hearts

Kaiser Half



Go to for bus direction to GREAT HIGHWAY AND LINCOLN AVE

READ EVERYTHING THOROUGHLY - please arrive at the volunteer check in area by your designated arrival time.  Check in with your group leader so that you can check in as a group.  If you are late, your group will check in without you.  You will be placed with a different group.

  • VIEW DROP OFF LOCATION - where to be dropped off and location of Muni 18 bus stop allow 5-10 minutes to walk in to the check in area)
Make sure you eat a good breakfast or pack something with you.  They will have snacks, but bring food just in case they run out. The Sponsors only bring enough product for 10,000 runners so please do NOT take any thing.  Wait till the end to see if there are extras.
For volunteers working at t-shirts, goodie bags, water, and refreshment. Please do not to give items to bandit runners, those without bibs.

What to do on Sunday

  • Check in with your Group Leaders at Lincoln & Great Hwy Entrance
  • Go to the Volunteer Check-In booth to sign in. Look for the sign in sheet with your shift name.
  • After getting your volunteer shirt and snacks, meet up with your team captain.  Please stay with your group.
  • Please stay for the group picture which will be taken at the end.


  • Volunteer Booth - 6:00 AM [ARRIVE BY 5:55 AM]
  • Refreshments - 6:30 AM [ARRIVE BY 6:15AM]
  • Clothes Check - 6:30 AM [ARRIVE BY 6:15AM]
  • T-Shirts - 6:30 AM [ARRIVE BY 6:15AM]
  • Water - 6:30 AM [ARRIVE BY 6:15AM]
  • Clothing Sales - 7:00AM [ARRIVE BY 6:50AM]
  • Result - 7:00AM [ARRIVE BY 6:50AM]


Upcoming Shifts

  •   = On waiting list
  •   = Registered